About us

 Open in 2018 from observing the necessity to fight against the contamination of the air ducts in air conditioners and to find an effective, yet affordable solution to promote a healthier breathing environment, whether it is residential, commercial or professional.

The founder and creator of AirO2, an Hvac practical engineer responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of air conditioning units in hospitals and government buildings was able to witness the necessity behind accessing clean air, especially in enclosed spaces with recycled air. The only way to remove particles and clean air ducts has been to dispatch a competent technician to do the work….until NOW.

The objectives for AirO2 Air Sanitizer is to allow everyone to breathe better…at home, at school, at the gym, at the office, while shopping, or even while visiting your doctor. The fact is that Air ducts are the lungs of your home – whatever they breathe in, you breathe in too. An air duct system not only circulates air, but also particles like dust mites, dirt, and mold. This is why AirO2 air sanitizer is  prioritizing a permanent and proven solution against germs and particles in the air.

Because breathing better, shouldn’t be a luxury.