When we stay in a polluted and non-disinfected space we are exposed to:

viruses and bacteria

In any closed space that is not disinfected, the moisture in the air causes the development of bacteria that we are forced to breathe. The conditions that were identified as causing aerial infection in enclosed spaces include a long and multi-participant staying in a space that is not ventilated and purified, while carrying out increased virus-producing activities such as exercising, singing, and even speaking and passive breathing. Staying in those shared spaces increases the level of exposure to a variety of bacteria and viruses, which are scattered in the same space, and thus also increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Fungi and molds

Mold is a health hazard that maintains a low profile and turns apartments and offices into “sick homes”, without their users being aware of what hurts them. The mold releases “clouds” of microscopic spores that cause a wide range of medical conditions – from chronic diseases to fatal diseases. Employees in offices where the mold thrives in the air conditioning system suffer from headaches and other side effects that are hard to define and originate in an atmosphere rich in toxic spores.

Unpleasant odors

The primary source of unpleasant odors is the accumulation of bacteria or a culture of micro-bacteria which spread a foul odor. Shared places are the trash can, The dog’s lair, cat litter box, cigarette smell, rot, dirty laundry, and used shoes. These factors and many others give those living in enclosed spaces a feeling of suffocation if the place is not ventilated and disinfected.

Your health is important to us

Many research shows that when the air surrounding us is not disinfected from molds and bacteria the risk of aerial infection rises dramatically. Our AIRO2 product actively attacks airborne allergens and eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria fungi and molds floating in the enclosed space ultimately keeping you safe and ensures you are staying in a cleaner and healthier environment.

AIRO2 proactively neutralizes these hazards with efficiency of 99.9%.